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COGENS* Executive Search focuses on selected areas, which include law firm (often advising across boarders), but as well other industries, such as the consumer and automotive sectors.

We find all candidates of interest and help to spot and convince the right ones. One personality takes on the responsibility for ideas, diligence and confidentiality – towards both clients and candidates.

Cogens offers market insights and expert knowledge. We rely on our own experience and conceptual ideas that we develop together with our clients and experts.

* cogere: to collect, gather, …, convene
Cassel’s Latin Dictionary

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Frankfurt Office

Savignystraße 43
60325 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49.69.2724 2515

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Heidelberg Office

Rathenaustraße 13
69123 Eppelheim/Heidelberg
Phone: +49.6221.7783.145

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